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Personal Summary

My research uses solid state physics, quantum chemistry and supercomputers to investigate why particular materials can efficiently generate energy from sunlight (solar cells), or repeatedly store and release energy (rechargeable batteries). I am an Assistant Professor at Northumbria University, and was previously a post-doc and PhD student in the Materials Design Group at Imperial College London.

I am a qualified teacher (PGCE), and I have taught in a variety of settings - universities, prisons, primary schools and cafes. I currently teach programming and computational physics at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

I am a fellow of the Software Sustainability Institute and an editor at the Journal of Open Source Software. I am interested in how we can improve research practice in the computational sciences - with a focus on working openly and software publishing.

I am a mum to 1 23 year old Robin, who I am training to be a world class Hacker.


Full name

Lucy Dorothy Whalley


Department of Mathematics, Physics & Electrical Engineering
Northumbria University
Ellison Place
Newcastle upon Tyne

Email: l dot whalley at northumbria dot ac dot uk

My (probably out-of-date) CV can be downloaded as a pdf here.