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[seminar] Title TBC
Warwick Centre for Predictive Modelling seminar series, University of Warwick, 3rd June 2024

[seminar] Title TBC
School of Chemistry Seminar Series, University of Nottingham, 29th May 2024

[seminar] Title TBC
Condensed Matter Seminar, Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden), 28th May 2024

Past Seminars and Conferences


[invited talk] “I can’t code” and other reproducibility blockers
Technicians improving the research reproducibility, Northumbria University, 22nd Jan 2024
pdf slides


[seminar] Designing new materials using quantum chemistry and high-performance computing
Computational Chemistry seminar series, University of Edinburgh, 6th October 2023 pdf slides

[summer school] An Introduction to first-principles lattice dynamics
Finite-temperature and anharmonic response properties of solids in theory and practice, Linköping (Sweden), 21st-25th August 2023
talk repository

[webinar] Build your own Academic Website
Stand Out Skills webinar series, Henry Royce Institute (UK), 31st May 2023

[summer school][organiser] Atomic Simulation Environment introductory tutorials
Open Science with the Atomic Simulation Environment, Daresbury Laboratory, 24th-28th April 2023

[invited talk] Automate everything! Reproducible research with less mistakes and more impact
UK Reproducibility Network event for open research week, Northumbria University, 29th April 2023

[seminar] Python gives you wings: How a little bit of code can improve the quality and efficiency of your research
Mechanical and Construction Engineering Research Seminar series, Northumbria University, 8th March 2023
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[invited talk] Steric engineering of point defects in lead halide perovskites
41st RSC Solid State Chemistry Christmas Meeting, University of Cambridge, 19th-20th Dec 2022

[contributed talk] Elucidating the Relationship Between A-Site Mixing and Non-Radiative Carrier Capture
Materials Research Society Fall Meeting, Boston (US), 30th November 2022
pdf slides

[seminar] How to share your code, and why you should bother
Space Solar Group Seminar, Northumbria University, October 2022
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[panel discussion] Developing the necessary skills to support the future of computational research
Research Software Engineers Conference, Newcastle Upon Tyne (UK), 6th September 2022

[members’ talk] A-site mixing and non-radiative trapping in hybrid halide perovskites
MDG 10-year anniversary, Imperial College London, July 2022
pdf slides

[flash presentatiion] [online event] ChooChoo! The Checklist Tool
Collaborations Workshop, Software Sustainability Institute, April 2022

[panel discussion] Empowering diversity in science
IUPAC Global Women’s Breakfast, Newcastle University (UK), February 2022


[talk][organiser] [in-person (!) event] Some selfish and not-so-selfish reasons for sharing your code
Northumbria Research Computing launch event, Northumbria University, 21st October 2021
online slides

[keynote talk] [online event] Publishing your software project (with the Journal of Open Source Software)
SeptembrRSE - An online celebration of Research Software Engineering in 2021

[contributed talk][online event] Non-radiative carrier trapping processes at the iodine intersitial in perovskite solar cells
15th International conference on materials chemistry (MC15), Royal Society of Chemistry, 12th July 2021
pdf slides | video

[seminar] [online event] Introduction to High Performance Computing
Department of Mechanical and Construction Engineering, Northumbria University, 5th July at 11am
pdf slides

[seminar] [online event] Modelling non-radiative carrier capture in photovoltaic materials
Computational chemistry seminar series, Cardiff University, 16th April 2021 at 3pm
pdf slides

[contributed talk] [online event] Software Carpentry in Lockdown
Lessons learned in lockdown: Teaching computational physics in 2020 and beyond, Institute of Physics, 14th April 2021
pdf slides

[members’ talk] [online event] Defects and distortions in energy materials
Materials Chemistry Consortium Meeting, University College London, January 2021
pdf slides


[seminar] [online event] The impact of nonparabolic bandstructure on the optical and transport properties of photovoltaic materials
Center for Quantum Research and Technology seminar series, The University of Oklahoma (US), November 2020
pdf slides


[seminar] Carrier capture via multiphonon emission
Oba group seminar, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo (JPN), November 2019
Online slides

[panel discussion] Research Software best practices - why aren’t we implementing them?
Fourth Conference of Research Software Engineers, University of Birmingham (UK), September 2019

[student talk] Charge carrier mobility in hybrid halide perovskites
Department of Materials Student Research Day, Imperial College London (UK), March 2019
Online slides

[student talk] Distortions and Defects in hybrid halide perovskites
Thomas Young Centre Student Day, University College London (UK), February 2019
Online slides

[talk][organiser] Publishing your Software Project with the Journal of Open Source Software
Imperial College Research Software in Materials event, Imperial College London (UK), January 2019
Online slides


[poster] Sustainable software development with Python
Centre for Doctoral Training in New and Sustainable Photovoltaics showcase, Liverpool (UK), November 2018

[contributed talk] H-centre and V-centre defects in hybrid halide perovskites
Gordon Research Seminar: Utilizing and Mitigating Defects in Emerging Functional Materials, New Hampshire (USA), August 2018

[student talk] Doping and Defects in hybrid halide perovskites
Centre for Plastic Electronics meeting, ICL, London (UK), August 2018

[contributed talk] Breaking periodicity: vibrations of defects in photovoltaic materials
CECAM Anharmonicity and thermal properties of solids, Paris (France), January 2018


[poster] H-centre and V-centre defects in hybrid halide perovskites
Royal Society of Chemistry solid state group meeting, Loughborough (UK), December 2017

[student talk] H-centre and V-centre defects in hybrid halide perovskites
Centre for Doctoral Training in New and Sustainable Photovoltaics showcase, Liverpool (UK), November 2017

[contributed talk] Anharmonic lattice vibrations in halide perovskites: heat transport, vacancy formation, and non-radiative recombination
International Conference on Perovskite Solar Cells and Optoelectronics, Oxford (UK), September 2017

[poster] Hot hybrid perovskites: computational modelling of lattice vibrations in CH3NH3PbI3
International Conference of Women in Physics, Birmingham (UK), July 2017

[seminar] Electrons and phonons in hybrid halide perovskites
As part of the seminar Emerging materials for solar energy, delivered with my supervisor Aron Walsh and PhD student Dan Davies. Yonsei University, Seoul (Korea), April 2017


[poster] Solar minerology: earth-abundant semiconductors for photovoltaics
Materials Research Society, Boston (USA), December 2016

[student talk] Keeping the baby in the bathtub: Improvements upon two approximations commonly made when modelling CH3NH3PbI3
Centre for Doctoral Training in New and Sustainable Photovoltaics showcase, Liverpool (UK), November 2016

[poster] Effective mass and band gap deformation in photovoltaic materials
CAMD summer school, Copenhagan (Denmark), August 2016

Past Public lectures and Outreach

[public talk] Fighting Climate Change with Quantum Mechanics
Literary and Philosophical Society of Newcastle upon Tyne, 24th October 2023 pdf slides

My work as a materials scientist
Girls in Physics series, Highgate School, London (UK), April 2019
pdf slides

Saving the world with Quantum Mechanics
Gunmaker’s Arms, Birmingham (UK), July 2017

Renewable energy workshop
St Saviour’s School, Bath (UK), March 2016

What the Quanta?
Ort Cafe, Birmingham (UK), July 2014

Mathematical problems, puzzles and proofs
Ort Cafe, Birmingham (UK), April 2014


Software Sustainability Institute fellowship application
Online, February 2019
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